Producing Large Prints

Here Karl looks at some of the final and most successful images from the trip and discusses producing large prints of the final images at a pro printing lab.


  1. Hello
    This is the most important part of photography. Print it and look at it on the wall, for all to enjoy. Why dont you do this with all the images your create in your videos? And why dont you have a travelling exhibition? Where we can see the digi file on a screen and the actual print side by side?

  2. derrick_connell

    Karl – I learned so much from this program overall. The one question theme I had on the program was the economics. I was doing some mental sums throughout – cost of travel, car rental, model, makeup, stylist et al and it seemed like this shoot would cost $40K+ without your costs (your time and equipment).

    I wondered how the economics work for a professional shoot like this one. I can imagine this as a commission for a client but also as a way to sell original prints. Would you do a job like as a commission or plan a trip like with a plan to sell prints later? I know it is hard to sell images but 10 superb images printed 40 times could lead to 400 potential images to sell @ $100-200 each (range of breakeven to $40k profit). The obvious risk is that is less than breakeven but this model would be very appealing and something to aspire to.

    Is there a module on something like this?

    1. Hi Derrick, you’re about right on the budget – in fact I think it was a bit more with the landrovers, model fees etc etc. On this occasion we actually undertook some fashion shots for two different clients whilst on this trip as well as budgeting for it in our class production costs. Selling prints can be tough, these particular images in a large size would be selling at a few thousand dollars in a large size so yes with several sales can help finance an expedition.

  3. Impossible to overstate how inspiring, educational and entertaining this series was for me. I’ve been shooting landscapes for about 3 years now and have started to introduce some elements of fashion/portraiture into the landscape. You’ve created the perfect guidance for me to take my work to the next level. Thanks very much, Karl and team!

  4. I really enjoyed the fashionscape series, I watched every day since becoming a member this past Friday; I watched a little each day after work. I enjoyed watching your process throughout the BTS footage and I am looking forward to watching more videos.


  5. Dear Karl

    What is your take on materials like dibond and acrylic for printing? I mostly shoot macro or portraits so detail and texture is key. I’m a strong advocate of dibond as it excels at this but also because it’s easier to hand it over to a customer without further framing.

    What’s your take?


    1. Hi Chaitanya, I’ve never tried it but I can certainly raise the question with Master printer John Fitzgerald who is a guest on our next live show, if you miss the show you can watch it on replay.

  6. Thanks Karl I have really enjoyed the entire trip, and also learned lots of things
    for the outdoor shooting . I also thank to your entire team as they are great
    also the model she has really taken a great responsibility
    Thank you all

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