Product Photography Tutorial: How to Photograph Glasses Using Reverse Tilt-Shift

In this video I show you my lighting setup for a commercial glasses shoot and explain how to use techniques such as reverse tilt-shift and focus stacking to overcome the depth of field issues often experienced when working at high magnifications.

For this particular shoot, the client wanted two shots — one where the glasses were sharp all the way through (which I achieved using focus stacking) and another shot where only the front face of the product was sharp and the arms drifted out of focus really quickly (I used tilt-shift in a reverse format to do this).

In addition to explaining how I used these techniques, I also explain my lighting setup for this product shoot.


  1. johnleigh

    Great, I see. Very cool ill take a look at the sunglasses class that looks fantastic!
    And its amazing you take the time to respond to these questions its really helpful and the icing on the cake as part of your site its a superb resource

  2. johnleigh

    This is great and I was interested to see this as Im always looking for ways to hold objects and shooting glasses is a recent addition to my challenges – but I wonder how do you deal with the arm of the glasses that is partly covered up by the clamp? It would be difficult to put clamp on other arm and match up the shot im thinking

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