Pros and Cons of Using LED Lighting for Studio Photography

Can LEDs really match up to studio flash? Find out in this illuminating class.

Among photographers seeking continuous light sources, LED lights have become a popular choice. But are they really superior to studio flash for all types of photography?

In this photography workshop, recorded LIVE at Visual Education HQ, Karl takes you through the pros and cons of using continuous LED lighting in the studio.

To demonstrate the challenges of working with LEDs, Karl undertakes a product shoot with an eye-catching Converse shoe. Though he achieves a striking final image, the hard work and meticulous adjustments required to do so reveals the limitations of these lights – and enables Karl to make a compelling case for his preferred studio flash alternatives.

As he works on the shot, Karl answers a number of insightful questions from members watching live. He also discusses circumstances in which LEDs might be advantageous – for example, when capturing video and stills simultaneously.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for product photography
  • Product photography with LED lights
  • How to photograph footwear
  • Pros and cons of LED lighting

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  1. cemkurtulus


    I have been watching your workshops about two weeks and you give some nuance that is very precious.

    Thank you

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