Rebel Colours Fashion Shoot

Kick start your fashion photography progress.

In this fashion photography class, you’ll follow Karl and the team through every step of a playful and colorful photoshoot.

Watch as they work meticulously to put together an awesome six-light setup, complete with key, background, rim and hair lights. 

You’ll see how making tiny adjustments to power and position, plus using the right modifiers and props, can make big differences in the quest for perfect exposure across your image.

As model Britt throws some energetic poses to express the theme of rebellion, Karl makes a few further tweaks to the setup.

Once he’s happy with the raw files he’s captured, it’s time to move on to the retouching phase. Check out Rebel Colours | Post-Production to see what Photoshop techniques he puts into practice.

In this class:

  • Styling and staging fashion photography
  • Lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • Photography with parabolic umbrellas
  • Using Fresnel modifiers
  • How to flag a softbox to avoid light spill
  • How to create rim lighting with a softbox

If you enjoyed this class, be sure to check out Lighting Modifiers for Fashion Photography and A Monochromatic Moment in Time Fashion Shoot.

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© Karl Taylor


  1. It was very functional with the best quality.
    This my question: How we can remove the shadow or background that were fallen on the right side of frame at behind the background on the wall?

    1. Hi Please, can you make a screen shot and circle the area that you are trying to describe and then email that jpeg to us with your question. Thank you.

  2. Hey Karl,
    Where do I find the dimensions for your portable wall? I also like how you mounted the wall on wheels.

    1. Hi, I had this one made at our local metal work shop it holds 2x 4ft by 8ft panels of MDF or plywood. So it is 8ft x 8ft, I wish I’d made it 12ft wide though as it would be more useful as a bigger background and a reflector for car photography.

  3. Another great class when working in a studio. The pictures look great with the high-resolution camera.

  4. johnleigh

    Cool! Thanks so much for sharing this concept and process.
    Great to see this and I picked up a few ideas for potential shoots. Whilst you have the advantages of a huge space and amazing gear I can take some of the approaches and revise to something I can do in my small lounge space at home, with carpet alas, restrictive and not ideal but cosy, compact and Ive been making the best of it and using a budget APSC camera for the work I do as a freelance home studio photographer for portrait and product shoots.
    As an aside, I recall a documentary on the legendary George Hurrell when for many years he used only a small room in a wooden house for some of his iconic images and it made me realise that many restrictions are in the mind.

    Thanks again Im loving your work.

    1. Hi John, yes that’s a good attitude. I could do many things in a small box that were still creative and effective if I had to.

  5. I like this way of following your creative process almost in real time. I feel like I am one of your assistants and I learn a lot by listening and watching you. Thank you.

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