Rim Lighting for Product Photography

Rim lighting is a crucial skill to master for product photography, and can also be very useful for portrait and fashion work. It can produce some lovely effects, and is actually simpler than it looks – once you know how it’s done.

In this shoot, recorded live and now available to watch as a replay, Karl uses just one softbox and one speedlight to create a stunning final image of a Sony video camera.

You’ll learn how to reduce flare with a window mask, plus how to diffuse and reflect light for optimum results.

When Karl introduces a simple speedlight, he combines a range of ingenious techniques with some spontaneous creative thinking. In doing so, he achieves an effect with just two lights that could easily have required five or six!

It’s a true masterclass in creating incredible results with minimal equipment. As you watch Karl work, you’ll discover how to transform everyday objects into objects of desire with meticulous lighting and precise attention to detail.

In this class:

  • Rim lighting techniques for product photography
  • Softbox photography
  • How to reduce flare in your image
  • How to diffuse and reflect light
  • Speedlight product photography
  • Using edge masks and window masks

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© Karl Taylor


  1. Moze

    Hi, Once you get the ratio (FF 36/24= 1.5) and working on cm, if making a rectangle e.g. 10cm W x 1.5 (ratio FF) my H will be 15 cm. Wondering myself if I’m correct?

  2. desavoiecorp@gmail.com

    I understand how to calculate the ratio of mask by dividing length by width but then what do you do with the coefficient??
    – How do you know how big or small the window needs to be?

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