The Selection Tools

If you’re wanting to copy certain elements of an image or just work on one particular area of a picture, Photoshop Selection tools are key. But what are the different selection options and which one is best for what?

In this Photoshop class Karl focuses on how to make cutouts and selections using the different Photoshop selection tools.

Karl takes a closer look at the Marquee selection tools, Lasso selection tools, Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand tools as well as selecting based on Color Range or Focus Area. You’ll learn when to use which and even how to combine different tools. Karl also explains how to modify selections, save or load selections and create masks from selections.

This Photoshop class covers the following:

  • What are cutouts
  • Marquee selection tools: Rectangular, Elliptical, Single Row, Single Column
  • Lasso selection tools: Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso
  • Magic Wand selection tool
  • Quick selection tool
  • Selecting based on Color Range / Focus Area
  • Modifying selections
  • Expanding / shrinking selections
  • Saving & loading selections
  • Creating masks from selections
  • Using selections to copy / change areas of an image

If you have any questions about this class, please post in the comment section below.

Key concepts

Using different selection tools.

Photoshop selection tools

The different Marquee selection tools in Photoshop.

How to modify selections.

Modifying selections in Photoshop.

Different ways to modify selections in Photoshop.

How to save / load selections.

Save Photoshop selections

Selections can be saved for later use.

How to use selections to copy / change areas of an image.

Selection tools can be used to make adjustments, like changing the background colour or particular areas of an image.


  1. Hi Karl,

    Let us assume we have the idea of cutting out objects like old-time biplane airplanes or sail ships, with a mesh of numerous thin structures like struts, bracing wires, and ropes, for the purpose of compositing them into a new background of clouds and seascapes.

    Some bridges with their repeating criss-crossing support beams and cables present a similar challenge.

    What would be the best choices of Photoshop tools and techniques to do the selection, to avoid excessively tedious work with so numerous details?

    – Would be most interesting even to see it demonstrated in a class.

    Best regards,


  2. I’d love a t-shirt that says “Layer New, Via Copy” in the Karl Taylor store…thanks! You say it so much, you might as well monetize it ✌️😂

    Great tutorial by the way 👍

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