Cleaning Your Camera Sensors

If your pictures have revealed fine black blurry dots, then you could have a problem with dust on your camera sensor. Cleaning your camera sensor can seem quite daunting, after all it is the most expensive part of the camera and susceptible to damage. As a professional photographer Karl often finds himself shooting in a variety of environments including harsh weather or dusty deserts and all the time is changing lenses and having to work quickly, so quite often carefully looking after his camera is not top of the priority list. Getting the shot is! Inevitably camera sensors eventually pick up some dust, so in this video Karl shows you his methods for cleaning his cameras sensors to restore them as good as new


  1. Camera manufacturers recommend to never clean the sensor yourself, but have it done at a service centre or something. Assuming that one is careful, is it SAFE to do it ourselves, or is there a high risk involved?

    1. Hi, yes as long as you are careful it is safe to clean sensors yourself. Often an air blower is all that is needed to remove stubborn dust particles but of course only clean it if it needs cleaning.

  2. Thank-you Karl! I check to see if my sensor is clean by making a picture of the sky in manual mode, focused at the closest focusing distance at f64 (f64 /S). Do you know of a better way?

  3. Hi Karl. Does sensor cleaning (especially, chemical used) cause any degradation or aging on the camera sensor? Thank you.

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