Shooting HDR Images

Follow Karl to Brooklyn Bridge as he explains step by step how to take HDR images in black and white and colour.

You’ll learn how to find great locations and compose your images as well as how to use the technique of HDR to make the most of a scene when weather conditions are less than ideal. The following chapter goes into more detail about the post-production and processing for HDR photography.

In this class:

  • HDR Photography
  • How to photograph HDR images
  • Exposing for HDR photography
  • Useful equipment for HDR photography
  • Using polarizing filters for HDR imagery


  1. suekruze

    I enjoyed watching this video. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY. It was quite an adventure. Were you able to get shots of the city; Central Park, Times Square, China Town, or the moon over the Brooklyn Bridge?

    1. Hi Suekruze, while we were in New York we did do a ‘Times Square’ panoramic shot that is also on this platform.

  2. GREAT SHOT!! I live in Brooklyn NY and I’m watching this March 2021 and apart from the photo process
    the most striking thing is to see how that location has change. For example that derelict building with no roof on the right is now a great green space/garden and most of the streets in the area has cobble stone reminiscent of what the street may have been originally, among others.

    1. Thank you Eric. I remember that day well it was stifling hot and we had walked over from Manhattan over the bridge with all the camera gear to find that location as we’d researched it on google maps as a good spot to see the bridge and the city. I enjoyed that shoot and remember the menacing looking black van parked that became part of one of my compositions. I’m glad to hear they finished tidying the area up.

  3. Chaz27

    Great Scott, I mean – Great Shot.
    Didn’t realize you could do so much in HDR on such a dreary day.
    Thanks for the tips…

  4. Hahahaha…..I swear Karl, you are so funny at times. I’ve never heard the word “spanner “. You’re so funny.

    1. Ha Ha Gina, in what context did I use it, did I call myself a ‘spanner’ or did I say ‘that threw a spanner in the works’!! I use that word quite a bit I guess, I don’t know why though 🙂

  5. I got to ask, did you run into police and did they ask you for a permit? Or were you off the beaten path enough that you were left alone?

    1. Hi Stephen, I think we were off the path enough here but we’ve been asked before especially if we are filming. We were kicked off the top of Montparnasse tower in Paris (luckily via the elevator) and we’ve been moved on in the USA but generally in the UK no problems. Now we usually apply for permits to save any hassle.

  6. Great shot Karl. What did you use this photo for? Did you sell it or just kept it for your portfolio?

    1. Hi Pau, many of the shoots are simply filmed for the tutorials although sometimes they are sold as ‘stock’ images later although this particular one has not been sold for any purpose.

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