Why and How to Shoot Tethered

Have you tried tethered yet?

An important part of photographing products is to have an effective workflow — one that allows you to work quickly as well as accurately. One of the best ways to do this is to shoot tethered.

In this class, Karl explains the basics of tethered shooting, including what tethered shooting is, what is needed to shoot tethered, as well as the numerous advantages of shooting tethered.

You’ll also learn exactly how to shoot tethered as he demonstrates how to use some of the most popular tethering software, including Lightroom, Capture One, and Phocus.


  1. Hi Karl,

    I’ve got a question about shooting tethered in Lightroom.

    The problem I’m struggling with is:
    When I’m shooting tethered in Ligtroom, I have no back up at my SD card in my camera (My camera skips saving images on my sd card), only on my computer. Of Course, without tethering, my camera saves the images on the SD card. Normally It is plug and play. I use original cables from Tethertools

    I’ll hope you can help me.

    thanks in advanced,

    Eric de Jonge (Netherlands)

    1. Hi, for most tethered software the images are only recorded to the computer which is normal, you just need to make a back up of the images to a separate external drive just as you would for your normal work. Previously my understanding was that in LR tethered it actually only went to the camera memory card and the computer read them from there which is why it was rather slow. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the computer method as a memory card is just as fallible.

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