Simple E-Commerce Fashion Shoot

In this class, which first appeared as part of the Broncolor ‘How To’ series on YouTube, Karl works with Urs Recher to demonstrate a simple three-light setup ideal for e-commerce fashion shots.

Top e-commerce photographers have to capture a high number of images quickly and easily. That means they need a simple setup that can be used for multiple shoots involving a range of products.

You’ll learn how you to use this simple but ingenious setup (coupled with a fast-flash and continuous shooting) to produce hundreds of great images quickly and effectively.

Urs talks you through this easy-to-use setup, which allows you to shoot full-length shots on a pure white background, with no retouching required. He also explains his choice of modifiers, their position, additional accessories and how to control the light in a small studio. 

The results are ‘fresh, bright, and punchy’ – and consistently high quality: perfect for use in a catalogue or online.

In this class:

  • Lighting setups for e-commerce photography
  • Fashion catalogue/packshot photography
  • How to achieve a pure white background
  • Fast-flash photography
  • Benefits of continuous shooting

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  1. Neri

    Good stuff as always.

    Could you help me out with a question regarding the equipment used: I’m interested in the light stands with the small footprint. Possible to share what brand makes them?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Karl Taylor team,

    Hoping you guys can produce a section that introduce how to set lighting for an e-com fashion shoot with multiples ways, also the quantity of light. I think it’ll help a lot for photographers who is going with catalog style in different situations like diffrent studio space, lights, lighting stands, etc.

    Thanks a lot. Have a nice day

    1. Hi, I think you would need to give us more details for example send us some sample photos of the looks you want to achieve. It would be easy for us to work out from those the lighting that needs to be applied.

  3. Thank you for this helpful video.

    But in some situation in my place there are a lot studios not able to set up a scrim above like the one in this video. So in case that if i just have about 3-4 mono head, some basic softboxes then can you give some lighting set up intructions for a full-length pure white e-commerce fashion shoot no cut out needed ?

    Once again, thanks a lot to Karl Taylor team. Hoping for you answer.

    1. Hi, you don’t need to use the scrim above. Instead you can point one of your mono heads to the white ceiling above you and bounce the light instead.

  4. Good refresher course working with models give direction, and how to set up something similar on your own or rent a studio. Kudos to you and your team for creating great videos.

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