Siros Part 2: Test 1

This is the second video in the Broncolor Siros Lighting Kit review series. In this video, Karl shows you how you can use this fantastic lighting kit for two home portrait set-ups with our lovely model Sophie. This video also covers:

Using the softbox and brolly light in these set-ups

Shooting on a Canon with a wide-open F3 aperture

Control of the lights from an iPad whilst shooting

How to prepare the photo zone so nothing interferes with the final image.

* Competition mentioned in this class has now closed.


  1. Candez Photography

    Hi Karl,

    This video was shot around 4 years ago. Is there another 2 light kit from this brand or another brand that you recommend that is better than the one shown in this video or is this still the best kit to this day in that budget range ?

    Thank you very much and have a lovely day,

    1. Hi, Yes the Siros is still the top line Monobloc light in their range. There are more sophisticated lights in the range that run off ‘packs’ such as the Scoro but these are much more expensive and usually far beyond most people’s requirements. There are of course other brands too such as Godox, Elinchrom, Profoto, but from experience I can highly recommend Broncolor.

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