Sixties Fashion Shoot

Get retro as Karl Taylor shows you how to capture a striking 60s-style fashion image.

Beginning with a simple yellow background and floor, Karl tries out various setups to light the yellow evenly. Then it’s time to bring model Britt onto the set and start experimenting with the key lights.

As Karl and Ash bring in different modifiers and tweak the power settings to get just the right level of exposure, you’ll see how small adjustments can make a big difference.

With the lighting sorted, Britt can start striking poses and throwing shapes. Soon, Karl has the shots he needs to create the final image – one that you can easily produce for yourself!

In this fashion photography class:

  • Lighting techniques for fashion photography
  • How to light a coloured background
  • Photography with parabolic umbrellas
  • Studio fashion photography tips

To watch Karl edit and retouch the final image, check out Sixties Fashion | Post-Production.

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Questions? Please post them in the comments section below.

© Karl Taylor


  1. Hello Karl from Pakistan, just a suggestion here could you please tell your camera settings from each and every videos so we can get a better idea of what and how you’re achieving these results.


    1. Hi, we often do mention the camera settings during the shoot but the more you learn about photography the more you will realise these are the least important part of the process. For example I was using a medium format camera on this shoot so if I was shooting at f11 that would not be the same as shooting at f11 on a crop sensor camera, also the focal length of the lens I was using would have been explained in the video. The shutter speed is also irrelevant in this shoot because I’m using flash, so the flash is doing the freezing of the subject and the shutter speed is doing very little. As you learn more in a few years you will look back and you will say ‘why did I ask that question’ when the most important thing that you can learn from any shoot is how was it lit, how and why was the lighting created. Everything else will follow.

  2. JesseDotExpert

    Hi Karl, new subscriber and a long-time fan. I love that yellow and am planning to paint up some boards in a similar fashion.

    Do you still have the info on what colour code or paint combo for that yellow so we can get the paint store to make that mix?

      1. JesseDotExpert

        Thanks Karl. For anyone else, it looks roughly like it is in the region of:

        RGB 255 228 72
        HEX #ffe448
        CMYK (PRINT) 0 7 80 0
        NCS (PAINT) S-0550-Y

  3. Thank you for having these classes for home or if you rent a studio. Did some Fashion Jewelry Photography but have to remember to retouch the photo with additional software or Photoshop if used for social media. Many thanks for your expertise.

  4. Hey Karl,

    thank you for this class!
    Just a short question for the background lighting.
    You did a class where you showed a kinda „cage lighting“ with V-flats.
    This lighting made a wonderful even lit background.
    Why did you not use these technic on this setup?

    Thanks Karl!

    1. Hi Matthias, yes we have done several with V-Flats to create a more even illumination and it is the best technique but we try to show other options as well on the platform for those that either don’t have the space or V-Flats.

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