Still Life Pasta: Simple One-Light Shoot | Post-Production

This class follows on from our still life pasta shoot, where Karl demonstrates how to create an interesting still life photo for wall art or even stock photography.

In this class you’ll see the retouching and Photoshop work used to polish the final image. Working step-by-step Karl covers everything from focus stacking the raw files to removing items using the Clone Stamp tool, straightening items and adjusting the composition using the Liquify tool, and enhancing overall contrast using Burning and Dodging, Curves adjustments and even the Camera Raw filter.

As Karl walks you through his retouching workflow you’ll develop an understanding of what needs retouching and why, as well as what the best tools are for the job and how to use them.

You can watch the original still life pasta shoot here.

Class objectives:

  • How to edit still life photos in Photoshop
  • Identifying what needs retouching in a photo
  • Removing items in a photo using the Clone Stamp tool
  • Using the Liquify tool to reshape items & straighten objects
  • Adjusting contrast & colour using Curves, Burn & Dodge, & Camera Raw filter

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the tools used in this retouch, take a look at our Individual Photoshop Tools course.

If you have any questions about this class, please post in the comment section below.


  1. Great tutorial!
    I’m just wandering, can you use tape or string to tie up the ends of the pasta instead?

    1. Hi, possibly but it may bunch them too tight together. With a lot of these type of tricks it’s a case of doing it to see what works.

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