Stir Fry Food Shoot Preparation

Learn how to cook up something good enough to shoot!

In preparation for a vibrant food shot with a model, food photographer and stylist Anna Pustynnikova demonstrates how to prepare a bright and colourful bowl of stir fry.

As Anna demonstrates how to create this simple dish, she shares a number of valuable food preparation and styling tips, including how best to cook noodles for photographing, how to enhance colour in particular ingredients and how to control the shape of the shrimp (one of the key ingredients).

Course objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to prepare food for photographing
  • Food styling tips
  • Step-by-step preparation of a bowl of stir fry
  • Tips for cooking noodles
  • Techniques for enhancing colour in fresh vegetables
  • Useful tricks for maintaining the shape of seafood

To see how Anna and Karl photograph the bowl of stir fry, make sure to watch the following chapter.

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  1. Very interesting course. Thank you for going through the steps of prepping the food. I was wondering about it when watching the food styling shoot. I have not tried a food photography shoot but this was so interesting that I might try an attempt at it as I love to cook and I love photography.

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