Stroboscopic Flash Techniques

In this photography workshop, recorded LIVE, Karl explains the stroboscopic effect and demonstrates how you can use it to create some striking and unusual images.

Working in a dark studio with a badminton racket and a shuttlecock, Karl experiments with a range of different setups and settings as he tries to capture the perfect shot.

As he works, Karl answers members’ questions, clarifying the concepts and techniques on display.

As you watch a professional work in real time, you’ll pick up a host of tips and tricks to get you inspired.

In this class:

  • Stroboscopic flash photography techniques 
  • Sporting equipment photography
  • Capturing movement
  • Angles of incidence and reflection
  • Flash duration

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  1. Question, if I setup the flash to fire let’s say 5 flashes per second but the recycling time of the flash is 1 second, how can 5 flashes then be fired when the flash does not recycle fast enough?

  2. Jeahn

    Thank you Karl for another amazing show. I’ve been looking into stroboscopic solutions for Profoto lights but can’t seem to find any. Are you aware of any solutions for Profoto systems? Thanks again

    1. Hi Jeahn, I would be very surprised if Profoto didn’t have strobeoscopic options on their top end flash or packs, especially the packs? I don’t know the profoto range well enough I’m afraid. Most Speedlites also have strobeoscopic flash.

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