Angelic Lighting Result

Looking for a soft, ethereal effect? This setup is heaven-sent.

Photographing white on white can be very difficult, but in this photography class Karl and Urs Recher show you exactly how to do it, while adding a unique twist of their own to achieve a magical soft light.

This photography class skilfully combines the more technical elements of photography with individual creativity and the techniques covered in this tutorial can easily be applied to other genres of photography, such as still life.

The final result is achieved using a popular photography technique that ensures no post-production is necessary to achieve the final misty soft light.

In this class:

  • Studio Lighting: How to set up multiple studio lights
  • Three light setup for portrait photography
  • Flash power
  • Long exposure studio photography
  • Using filters in studio photography
  • Affordable alternatives to filters

To understand more about flash power, watch Chapter 3 of the Portrait section. You may also enjoyΒ Understanding Flash Duration.

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  1. jeahn

    This is such a neat solution! After learning of the Siros’ stroboscopic and delay abilities I’ve been in a bit of a pity party after buying my profoto kit πŸ˜‚ All good though. Thanks for this one! My eyes have been opened yet again to more awesome ideas

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