‘Deep Umbrella’ Techniques

Take a deep dive into what you can do with this unique modifier.

In this series of portrait photography classes demonstrating creative lighting setups with two lights, Karl experiments with a new modifier — a Focus 110 Umbrella.

He demonstrates the versatile effects of the deep umbrella, explains the theory behind it and shows just how effective it can be for beauty work such as this.

Impressed with the initial results from this cost-effective modifier, Karl decides to try something different, demonstrating creative yet simple ways to incorporate movement into a shot for a more fashion-style result.

In this class:

  • Studio Lighting: How to set up multiple studio lights
  • Two light setup for beauty photography
  • Lighting modifiers and their effects
  • How to capture movement using studio flash


  1. Is there a video where you talk more about the differences in beauty and fashion and portraits? I love the pop and sparkle that these modifiers give based on your videos but I hear you say repeatedly this light is too harsh for portraits of normal people. Does it improve with a wider aperture? I would be inclined to think higher contrast could help with shaping heavierset people, is that not accurate?

    1. Hi, I don’t think there is a video specifically about that one thing but it is covered in different fashion or portrait videos helping to understand why. The short answer is ‘less attractive’ looking people for example not models don’t handle hard light as well because it reveals texture and shape of faces because of the type of shadows caused. It also reveals wrinkles and any other longer or shorter features more. Softer light can still be used to shape larger people if it is used from one side.

  2. Hi Karl !

    I wanna recreate this lighting setup but i dont have access to a 110 deep focus umbrella.

    i’ve been trying to use your light comparison tool in order to assess the light taking into consideration harshness shadows sparkle and amount of spill on background but actually i havent found anything similar to the deep focus. (at least my eyes didnt find) 🙂

    so what do you advise?

      1. I see in the above example that the deep focus umbrella worked on full length shots too. Will the beauty dish do the job too?

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