Stunning Location Lighting

In this class, Karl gives you another look at some of the best lighting for on-location fashion photography as he takes you behind the scenes on a couple of different shots. Discover  how intentionally underexposing the ambient light and using a filter can add a great atmosphere to the shots and using the flash to get the lighting on the model at the perfect exposure.


    1. Hi Kenshi, yes I’m always shooting in RAW and then applying a little contrast and selected saturation before exporting to a tiff or PSD.

  1. Hi Latesh, yes you will be able to view the image through the camera with the filter on when shooting. Plus by rotating the polarising filter whilst looking through the camera you can view how this is changing the atmosphere in the image and adjust the rotation for the best results.

    1. Hi Wayne, yes if that option was available with your setup. On a medium format camera for example I could have synced at any shutter speed so this would have been straightforward.

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