Sourcing Clothing and Styling for Fashion Shoots on a Budget

Photographing models in the latest high-end garments is nice work if you can get it. But when you’re still learning the ropes of fashion photography and looking to build your portfolio, you may not be sure how to style a fashion photoshoot. Plus, you may need to stay within a tight budget as you source clothing for your shoots.

In this class, Georgie offers lots of fashion-styling tips and takes you through a range of options for sourcing clothes for photoshoots affordably. She looks at different materials and even lets you in on some DIY hacks for faking those luxury items you can’t quite afford.

You’ll also discover advice on how to work with a stylist – a crucial skill for any emerging fashion photographer.

What you’ll learn:

  • Fashion photography tips for beginners
  • How to plan a fashion photoshoot
  • How to source clothing for fashion photography
  • Sourcing clothing on a budget
  • Building your fashion portfolio on a budget
  • How to style for a photoshoot
  • Finding fabric samples for fashion photography
  • How to adapt clothing to fit your model


Georgie styling for beauty shoots.

Karl shooting beauty and fashion shoots.

Throughout the class, Georgie mentions a number of online resources for sourcing clothing and accessories including;


For more insights on how to style a photoshoot, don’t miss this replay of our live interview with professional stylist Bianca Swan.


  1. Quite disappointed to hear you being an advocate for buying online and then returning! This is terrible practice that puts immense pressures on online retailers. I speak from experience given we are a niche footwear retailer that sells a lot to would be models etc and have so many people buy and return after using for photoshoots. This practice should be condemned not suggested.

  2. kenshi2008

    I am glad I sign up again for your courses. A lot of great tips for contract work, improve your skills and save some money if you can do a collaboration. I am always want to learn more although retired. Thanks for sharing your expertise.


    Georgie donne d’excellents conseils. J’apprécie particulièrement son esprit de synthèse et sa manière simple d’aborder des sujets complexes en restant orientée vers l’action.

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