Sunlit Window Hair Products | Post-Production

In this post-production demonstration, Karl walks you through the image editing and retouching work that follows on from Sunlit Window Hair Product Shoot.

He starts with multiple different shots from the original shoot. The bulk of his work is devoted to compositing these eight layers to create one perfect final image, with beautiful gradients on the metallic lids and a warm glow radiating through the two golden liquids.

You’ll see Karl demonstrate a wide range of different Photoshop tools and techniques, including layer masks, curves adjustments, the Pen Tool, the Clone Stamp Tool, the Lasso Tool, the Paint Tool, the Healing Brush, and more.

You’ll also see Karl experimenting with different Blending modes, adding noise and Gaussian blur, adjusting hue saturation, and altering the contrast in key areas with burning and dodging.

As the session concludes, Karl moves the image out of Photoshop and into Camera Raw to make final adjustments to colour and luminance.

In this class:

  • Photoshop tools and techniques for product images
  • Compositing multiple images
  • Layer masks
  • Curves and hue-saturation adjustments
  • Adding noise and blur in Photoshop
  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool and Healing Brush

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© Karl Taylor


  1. Alexis

    Hi Karl, I’m using the dust cover tool in the filter panel for the dust issues on the product, and it does a pretty good job!
    I advise to test it if you hasn’t use it before 🙂

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