Sunrise Landscape Photography

When it comes to sunrise photography, timing is everything. Take too long prepping and setting up your shot and the magic moment may pass.

In this landscape photography class, Karl sets up and shoots a series of images in a very short space of time, demonstrating how to adjust your camera settings to suit the changing light.

He also goes into detail about the filters he’s using, when and how to use both soft and hard graduated neutral density filters, and how, when used correctly, they eliminate the need for compositing shots together.

In this class:

  • Landscape photography
  • How to photograph sunrises
  • Working with filters
  • Hard and soft ND filters
  • Determining and adjusting exposure for changing light

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  1. Years ago was hired to shoot for a restaurant located on the ocean in Laguna Beach, CA. Owner wanted a sunset image while looking across their outdoor patio. Problem the sun was in the opposite direction of the way he wanted me to shoot the patio. Told him I can not move the sun, it is what it is.

    1. Ha ha classic, they want you to move the sun! I’ve been to Laguna beach a few times, when I was younger I spent some time living in Huntington Beach area and also visited Newport and surrounding areas many times. Sadly once on the way to Laguna a friend and I witnessed an horrific car crash on the freeway as a car came over the central barrier towards us and many cars were involved. We managed to just avoid skidding into the carnage and then set about helping people until the emergency services arrived. It burned into my memory quite well as unfortunately there were some badly injured people, we were going to a restaurant in Laguna with a view over the ocean but I can’t remember what it was and needless to say it didn’t end up being a good memory, this was back in the late 80’s early 90’s.

      1. Karl, wanting to congratulate you and your friend for stopping to help those involved in the car accident. Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon road has had many accidents unfortunately.

        Laguna is a great city for painters, not so much for photographers. 1993 opened a photo business in Laguna about one mile south of Main Beach. When I applied for a permit at the City Hall, they said to me, we can give you a permit “today” if you are a painter, but if wanting to be a photographer it may take awhile….so I was listed as a painter. Lasted one year and went back to aerospace engineering. Shortly after was working in England, Isle of Man and France for about a year.

        Like you I too started with film using Sinar P2 and Hasselblad 500CM.

        Very much enjoy your educational website. Very good amount of information.


  2. Hello Karl,
    Do you generally focus on the foreground? Do you use manual or autofocus
    thank you,

    1. Hi Evgenia, I tend to focus manual and check the focus on screen by zooming in. In this instance I focused just beyond the railings, knowing my depth of field and wide angle lens would provide me enough coverage to ensure that all of the foreground area was sharp.

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