TAG Heuer Watch Photoshoot

In this product photography class, Karl shoots a luxury TAG Heuer watch as he and Ethan compete to produce the slickest image: Karl with his camera, Ethan in Blender.

You’ll watch Karl use the infinity cove like a giant scrim to create lovely gradient lighting on the product.

You’ll also see him use reflectors, mirrors, flags, scrims, gels and a color checker card as he carefully crafts the perfect lighting setup for the shot.

Finally, because he’s been shooting with a macro lens with shallow depth of field, he undertakes a focus stacking process to pull together various shots and produce the stunning final image.

In this class:

  • Product photography techniques
  • Watch photography tips
  • Lighting techniques for watch photography
  • How to create gradient lighting
  • Using an extension tube
  • Using a color checker card
  • How to use a scrim

To see Ethan create his TAG Heuer watch image in Blender, check out TAG Heuer Watch CGI.

To see Karl and Ethan go head to head to produce the best image, watch TAG Heuer Watch Shootout.

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