TAG Heuer Watch CGI

It’s time to take your CGI skills to the next level.

In this CGI class, Ethan shows you how to produce a render of a TAG Heuer watch that matches Karl’s image in terms of lighting, styling, and photorealism.

Rather than modelling the watch from scratch, Ethan purchases a model to work with. To purchase the same TAG Heuer model that Ethan uses, click here.

One you have your model, you’ll start adding details, textures and lighting effects in Blender, using many of the techniques you covered in our Blender 3D Basics course. You’ll even learn how to create the table, screws, wrench and other elements of the final image.

Ethan recommends the following resources for textures and imperfections:

In this class:

  • Creating CGI in Blender 
  • Lighting a 3D model in Blender
  • Texturing in Blender
  • Lighting reflective surfaces in Blender
  • Working with pre-built assets in Blender

To watch Karl produce his TAG Heuer image with his camera, watch TAG Heuer Watch Photoshoot.

To see the Karl and Ethan go head-to-head to produce the best image, watch TAG Heuer Watch Shootout.

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  1. Hi, Karl! I’ve been a student of yours for quite some time now…13 years. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of useful information that has afforded me many opportunities to work as a photographer, and so, THANK YOU!!

    You can see some of your influences in my work, I’m sure!;) For years I struggled with the decision to choose between my love for Photography and my love for 3D modeling & rendering. I found a symbiotic nature between the mediums knowing both required an understanding of light, composition, and attention to detail. Honestly, knowing the basic principles of photography, made me a better 3D artist for sure!

    It makes me extremely happy to see that CG has made it to your education and that I am not alone as a Photographer/3D artist.

    Thanks again for being so inspirational, brother!

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you for your comments and support over the years and I’m glad that you are also happy to see the 3d work. We felt that it couldn’t be ignored any longer especially in the field of product photography. This is also why we have just added a new section on ‘Film Making’ which will continue to be expanded and we have other new genres coming next year too. The world is moving more towards general visual artists and so are we too. All the best Karl.

  2. It’s really interesting. I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can work using photography and CGI in the same project.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi. I joined to view the 3D CGI tutorials specifically but didn’t realize that several of the tutorials aren’t yet available. When will they all be up?


    1. Hi Mike, the CGI classes are new releases for us and the second and third batches are in the editing process. In your customer home page as you scroll down you will find our calendar of events and release dates. If you click ‘open full calendar’ you can see everything we have coming for some time into the future but I’ve just noticed that the CGI release dates are not there so I will have someone update the calendar within the next 24 hours. Cheers Karl.

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