Testing Liquid and Lighting for Still Life Photo: Toxic Egg

For a shoot like this, it’s all about testing, testing and testing some more before the actual final shoot.

In this, the third part of the Toxic Egg still life shoot, Karl undertakes various tests to ensure everything is absolutely perfect before shooting. This includes testing boiling the eggs, the viscosity of the liquid in the egg and shaping the eggshell.

Additionally, Karl also finalises his composition and explains further adjustments and additions to the lighting setup.

Class objectives:

  • Still life photography
  • Planning for still life photography
  • Still life photography setups
  • Lighting for still life photography

A more detailed equipment and lighting overview can be found in the previous class, along with the initial explanation of the visualisation and planning. Next, find out how Karl achieves the final shot in the final stage of the shoot.

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  1. I was just courious about what inspired this shoot? As a Med Lab Tech, and someone who has a strong background in Microbiology, black in an egg is always a sure sign of Salmonella! This has given me food for thought. There are other things in a lab that could be projects for me and something I know well. I would just have to work on the lighting. Thanks for the inspiration.

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