Tripods and Maintenance

Karl uses a couple of different camera tripods in different photography situations. In this video he shows you his favorite ones and his reasons for using them. As well as looking at strength, durability and flexibility and tripod heads and how they work with different camera and lens weights  Karl also shows you how his tripods have lasted over 10 years despite being tested to the limits.


  1. Candez Photography

    Hi Karl,

    If you want a more effective, less expensive and natural way to get rid of rust on metal is mixing baking soda to water until it forms a paste and then apply it onto the rusty surface and let it act for 20 minutes and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. This gets rust off even from metal objects that have been in sea water for years. Trust me on this one ! Once you try it you will never use anything else than this method. Hope this helps, have a great week-end ☀️

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