Umbrella Lighting for Mature Business Portraits

Reflective umbrellas are a common modifier in many photography studios, and although they’re not usually used for photographing older subjects, due to their harder, more contoured lighting effect, they can be made to work.

In this class, Karl explains how to use harder light sources like reflective umbrellas when photographing older male business portraits as he demonstrates a very simple two-light setup.

Key to this setup is one very important accessory, which can help soften any harsh shadows under the chin to create a more flattering lighting effect. As you’ll learn in this class, it is possible to use almost any type of modifier, as long as you understand light and how to control it.

In this portrait photography class we cover the following:

  • How to photograph business portraits
  • Two-light setup for business portraits
  • Recommended lighting modifiers for flattering lighting
  • How to modify hard light for more flattering results
  • Tips & techniques on how to photograph older subjects

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  1. Hi Karl, could you make a tutorial with an old woman with several set-ups? I mean different modifier, lights, umbrella, natural light and so on?

  2. Thanks for another invaluable tutorial, Karl. I can see how the lines under the eyes are greatly reduced with the use of the tri-reflector. Big difference!

  3. Looks good, maybe reduce the right side of his face.
    His tiny bit of hair and ear should be removed.

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