1. hi Karl. I have a question about your camera format of choice. when moving to medium format did you have find it more difficult getting macro shots/close up shots sharp or sitting in focus?

    1. Hi Dan, no not at all. You also have to remember that most professional photographers that have been around a while (myself included) we were shooting large format and medium format film back in the 80’s, 90’s etc so large and medium format is nothing new for us, in fact today’s medium format wasn’t even as large as the film medium format of back then. Macro and close ups were easily attainable on large format view cameras and on medium format cameras as long as you had the bellows, extension tubes or correct macro lens and nothing is different today.

  2. Hi Karl, I’m struggling to understand one aspect from this with shutter sync speed where 35mm are normally only up to 250/sec or less but the Hasselblad up to 2000/sec. What I can’t work out is with the wireless triggers / HS mode with broncolor what difference does it make?

      1. Hi Karl, I’ve re-watched that video and also the flash duration one with the fan. So with the ‘workaround’ using HS/HSS with the longer flash duration, what if any difference does that matter in the ‘real world’. Sure if you are shooting fast moving models or splash photography etc when needing to use speed mode but am wondering for “normal” situations what does it matter so to speak? I presume with siros L in particular that the flash duration would still be fast enough regardless for general movements even with the longer duration?

        1. Hi I’m not quite sure what you mean. HSS will allow you to use a camera that normally syncs at 1/200th at 1/4000th or 1/8000th if you need to. It does this by actually making the flash burst long enough to start before the thin slit of the shutter makes its way across the sensor and it finishes after the thin slit gets to the other side of the sensor. The downside is that you are limited with the power settings on the flash.

  3. Help with direction. This may not be appropriate to ask. Karl uses Hasselblad and Canon equipment. I want to move to MF. I am a portrait photographer who uses 6ds-R. Having a hard time deciding which system to go with H6d – 50c wifi or x1d?

    1. Hi Keith, both of those Hasselblads will give you the same image quality as they have the same chip, the H6 is easier in the studio in my opinion as it’s not an EVF, but if you are into a more compact system for travel or street photography then the X1D might be the way to go. I’ve just made a load of instructional videos on the X1d that you can find on Hasselblads youtube channel.

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