Using On-Camera Flash

In this quick video you’ll get some great on-camera flash tips and learn about manipulating the type of light your camera’s strobe flash can produce. Whilst taking some sample shots of Fabienne, Karl is  adjusting the strobe to demonstrate how different flash positions can have a dramatic effect on the photograph. The photo comparisons help explain the differing photographic results from hard light (created by direct camera flash) and soft light (bouncing the light to created a larger light source).


  1. That lens you’re using – what’s the diameter? It looks huge! And, whats the focal length, Mr. Taylor?

  2. Karl, what kind of flash would you recommend for Nikon D750, im not looking for cheapest but good and also what studio lighting? Thanks mate!
    Andrew Rosemeyer

    1. Hi Andrew, any studio lighting works with any camera. In terms of budget studio lighting it is hard for me to make recommendations as I’ve not used them before, you could look at Godox, Elinchrom or Bowens. I use broncolor and I’ve used elinchrom in the past. Sorry I can’t be more helpful on this but our main service is techniques education that you can apply to any equipment.

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