Using Phocus Software

Phocus 3.0 is a powerful image editor for RAW files. It’s made by Hasselblad for their camera but it also works with other camera’s file format. In this video Karl takes you through the software, it’s benefits and just what you can do with it.


  1. Hello Karl,
    Is there any chance you are going to create a tutorial on Capture One Pro at some point? Because of its ability to allow tethering different camera brands, I think it would be perhaps of great aid to a multitude of users and KTE subscribers.

    Thank you for considering this.

  2. Can you please upload a video about Live Tethering technique to Lightroom & CaptureOne pro . It would be very useful to all the amateur photographers. Also please list the steps and features you could do in lightroom to ease our workflow.

    Specifically speaking when I tether my Sony Mirrorless Alpha camera to Lightroom, whenever the picture comes in , auto import dialog pops up getting the recent picture in it . But when I say Karl doing it , the picture comes in as a new add up in the screen without the pop-up window. Please suggest me any ideas to avoid the pop-up.

  3. Hello Karl,

    I have both a X1D and a PhaseOne XF iq3 trichromatic. I love the portability of the Hasselblad system but I can’t get the same “quality” of image from the X1D… let me explain:
    The PhaseOne as well as my Leica full frame system SL2 produce images that are very flattering on the skin textures and tones , producing an effect where the skin is smooth but sharp as well. The Hasselblad produces an image that is extremely sharp, harsh and contrasty, less so on the XCD 80 and the XCD 90. On the flip side I find that architecture and landscape images benefit from the Hasselblad’s snappier look. I am using ACR for processing all files. I have tried Phocus but get the same look. At this stage I am comparing and talking about raw image output with no post processing.
    I am interested in a more “cinematic” look from my images, and I know from photos by Hasselblad Master Tina Hult that the soft cinematic look (while retaining sharpness) can be achieved with the Hasselblad system; does it take a filter? Or tilting the plane of focus like Peter Coulson does? Or a post process? Would you consider making a tutorial on how to achieve such a look? Thanks

    1. Hi, I find this interesting and I will need to look further at the Phase you are talking about because my experience is the opposite I’ve always found Phase to be to sharp/contrasty looking compared to my H6. Can you provide me some links to the looks that you are talking about?

  4. I know it’s made specifically to work with Hasselblad but can you tether via USB and or WiFi with Canon 5D camera too?

    1. Hi Paul, no at this time Phocus software only works tethered with Hasselblad cameras. I’d recommend you look at Capture One as a good alternative for tethering other types of cameras.

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