UV Filter Test

We frequently get asked about the purpose of UV filters  on modern cameras so in this quick demonstration I run a simple “with & without” comparison to see if they really are worth using.


  1. Hi
    It’s not very expensive,and doesn’t make any different in images…
    and good for protection as you said,
    So why not? I don’t get it..

    If someone doesn’t use any hoods or other filters and doesn’t clean their lenses much,uv filter is good I think

    1. Hi, the main difference is the increase potential for flare that a clear filter in front of the glass adds and of course the extra cost for something that is not really necessary unless you are working in adverse conditions.

  2. Very informative. thanks!

    On a another note. the background music was a little distracting. I think you guys might have accidentally edited 2 tracks into each other.

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