Visualisation and Planning for Still Life Photo: Toxic Egg

To execute any good image, you need to have a plan.

This four-part series of classes form a detailed study that follows Karl as he shows you how he created his ‘Toxic Egg’ still life image.

This particular class shows Karl explaining his concept for the shoot as well as detailing the exact level of planning and preparation that goes into creating an image like this.

From considerations regarding the egg cup and egg itself to decisions on the edges and finish of the base surface, nothing is left to chance as Karl explains what needs to be decided before and what can be finalised during the shoot.

Class objectives:

  • Planning for still life photography
  • Developing concepts for creative photography ideas
  • The importance of pre-visualisation
  • Sourcing props for photoshoots

Next, watch an explanation of the lighting & equipment for Karl’s Toxic Egg still life shoot. Further still life photography ideas can be found here.

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  1. It is very insightful seeing what goes into planning and preparing for a shot. I however have come across a major hurdle quite early on when trying to replicate Karl’s planning process – I can’t draw.

  2. Hi Karl, I couldn’t stop looking at the cider image in the background for the whole video, is there any tutorial available from this cider shoot? It looks so brilliant!

          1. jdhunter

            I just watched it, amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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