Wall Art Shells: Imitating Golden Hour in the Studio

In this class, Karl turns a simple scallop shell – plus a handful of sand – into a beautiful and striking still life.

You’ll learn how to create gorgeous golden light and dramatic shadows using just a single light source and some basic accessories. You’ll also cover how to optimise focus and composition using editing software as you shoot.

This class is the first in our Shell Series: six classes covering the techniques and tools you need to capture sublime still-life images ideal for wall art. For more ideas, check out our complete still-life photography course.

In this class:

  • Working with a single light
  • Using DIY equipment
  • Controlling shadows
  • Creating a “golden hour” effect with studio lighting

You can find the post-production class for this shoot here.

If you have any questions about this class, please post in the comment section below.


  1. Neri

    An alternative to the hair dryer is to take a hand full of sand, close the hand and let the sand rinse from the bottom hole onto the ripples while moving the hand back and forth. The longer and more often this is done, the smoother the suface gets. Doesn’t dry the sand though.

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