Wall Art Shells: The Black Pearl

Struggling with still life? Learn how to use simple techniques to get stunning results.

Follow Karl step by step as he shows you how to create this unique shell shot using basic materials and subtle lighting techniques.

Discover how to create the beautiful powder backdrop, with its detailed shell imprint and intricate texture.

Find out how to get the lighting just right by positioning, masking and modifying your light correctly.

You’ll also learn about the inverse square law and focus stacking as you gather all the shots you need to bring the final image together in Photoshop.

The final result is an intriguing piece of photographic art, perfect for framing and hanging on your wall!

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for still life photography
  • Exposure, depth of field and colour balance
  • Softbox photography
  • How to mask a softbox
  • The inverse square law in photography
  • Focus stacking in product photography

To learn how to finish the image in Photoshop, watch Wall Art Shells: The Black Pearl | Post-Production.

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© Karl Taylor


  1. jeahn

    The new intro is really great! 👏 Thanks for working through all the problem solving steps on camera, Karl. It really helps me develop a practical mindset toward lighting. I often forget about practical fixes and fail to remember exploring simpler solutions. This shell series has been a real masterclass 🙏

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