Wall Art Shells: White Water

Want to create a clean, fresh, natural image, perfect for stock or wall art? Watch this still life photography class to find out how.

You’ll discover the simple props and tools Karl uses, as well as the lights and modifiers he selects to achieve the effect he wants.

You’ll also cover using a scrim, bouncing fill light off the ceiling, using flash duration to freeze motion, how to achieve pure white across the image, and more.

As Karl makes subtle adjustments to exposure and contrast, you’ll deepen your understanding of light and enhance your ability to create professional-quality photos.

In this class:

  • Lighting techniques for still life photography
  • Using a scrim in still life photography
  • Bouncing light off a white ceiling
  • Balancing fill and back lighting
  • Achieving pure white
  • Freezing motion with flash duration

To see how Karl polishes this image to perfection, check out Wall Art Shells: White Water | Post-Production.

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© Karl Taylor

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