Wedding Retouch (Part 1)

Producing several ‘hero’ images from a couples wedding will bring you much higher earning capability as those special images are often purchased for larger size print reproduction by the couple, family and friends.

In this photography class Viktor and Karl start the process on how to dramatically enhance that ‘hero’ wedding image quickly and efficiently.

In Part 1 of this class Viktor focusses on color — controlling highlights and shadows, balancing tone and adjusting contrast. Using tools such as gradient maps, selective color and burn and dodge, he shows you how to make best use of your time to produce that hero image.

Viktor explains the key areas of the shot that he’ll be working on, explaining which corrections can be done quickly and which cannot and how you’re best to spend your time.

NOTE: You can download the visual aid layers used in this class from our Downloads section.

In this Photoshop class we cover the following:

  • Wedding photography: Tips for editing wedding photos
  • How to retouch wedding photos
  • How to work efficiently in Photoshop
  • Selective color adjustments
  • Linear Gradient burns
  • Working with group masks
  • How to use the Clone tool in Photoshop
  • Using Photoshop Burn and Dodge tools
  • Curves adjustment layers
  • Color correction – Adjusting Hue and Saturation in Photoshop

You can watch Part 2 of this class here.

For more on how to photograph weddings, watch our live talk show with award winning wedding photographer David Stanbury.

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    1. It’s not in the downloads section. It would be good to have the image so we can work along with the lesson…

  1. Hi Team Karl,

    Trust you are doing great.
    I will like to know if there are any available means by which I can download any of these tutorials. I will like to always revisit them often without haven to login again and again .
    I am really thankful for all the structures that has been put to place to aid our growth in the knowledge of photography.

    Many Thanks,
    Oluwatobiloba Amusan
    Nigeria .

    1. Hello Oluwatobiloba, I’m very happy that you are enjoying the tutorials but I’m afraid there is not an option to download them, only to watch them with an internet connection. Thank you Karl.

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