Working to a Brief 10: REVIEW + 11: LAUNCH

In this live show, Karl will begin by reviewing all the images submitted for Working to a Brief 10: The Dewdrop Flower

Check out the Members' Gallery for The Dewdrop Flower here.

Next, he'll introduce you to Working to a Brief 11: Cosmetic Swatches, playing the role of art director as he outlines exactly what he’s looking for. This assignment presents another valuable opportunity to practice delivering work for commercial clients.

Read the full Cosmetic Swatches brief and submit your images here.


  1. DougHowell

    Just wanted to post this, and it’s January 17, 2023. The last two “shoot to briefs” have been challenging. Not too simple, but super challenging, for me. That’s why I love this channel. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t be in those challenges. Great show Karl.

  2. I didn’t see the grass brief until it was over but every lawn near me is dead from draught. I was going to try a late entry but wasn’t sure where to find the grass.

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