Working to a Brief 12: REVIEW

In this review, recorded LIVE, Karl offers his honest professional feedback on all the entries we received for Working to a Brief 12: Beer Bottle.

His constructive criticism and advice is designed to help members hone their ability to respond effectively to a commercial-style brief.

Even if you didn't submit a shot, you'll learn a lot from seeing Karl respond to all the different images.

To see all the images, check out Working to a Brief 12: Members' Gallery.


  1. Remig

    Hello Karl, thank you very much for your valuable comments and advice!
    I believe you said that you did a similar shot in the past: do you think we could have a look at it for educational purpose?
    Thanks and kind regards

    1. Hi Remi, sure I’ve added it to the members gallery for with the other entries, it’s the last one called Brancharage Cider. This was shot about 10 years ago and not one of my best shots which is why it’s not made it into my portfolio on my website.

  2. Just to clarify on my oranges and honey beer. There were no PS cut outs. The left line on bottle is from a 2x scrim and a vertical strip box casting a wide, very diffuse light that then turns into the glow in a gradient. The right side of the glass was not a cut out. It is a kicker light behind the oranges to give the glass an edge glow. You can see my set up on my IG @photographyandcooking. I agree that the label needs a tad more light, but I did add that glow to the label with an orange gel. Also, seville oranges are hideous, and of course I cannot find them in Alaska. So that big one was the closest in look to what they use in the beer.
    Great to see everyone’s! Good job everyone!

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