X1D Hasselblad Camera Photography Review (and Location Fashion shoot!) – Part 2


  1. Hi Karl I recently bought an X1D II and works beautifully outdoors, but today I want to set it up for my studio. I have two BRX 500 Elinchrom lights and a Skyport Nikon transmitter, but as I expected the flash is not triggering, so I was wondering which is the transmitter that would be compatible with the camera? I did a research but couldn’t find any of this information.

    1. Hi Paul, you could try if Elinchrom do just a hot shoe version or a dedicated Hasselblad version, or look at Pocket Wizard instead. I’m not sure what connectors the X1D2 has but it might have a coaxial cable connector so you can plug a cable directly into one of the flashes and then the other one can fire off of it’s slave.

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