Photography Challenge - Week 18

29 April - 5 May

Our weekly photography challenges are a great way to develop your photography skills, learn new techniques and test your creativity. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Moody portrait

Moody Portraiture

This week’s challenge is all about portraiture, specifically moody portraiture. Mood and emotion will be key, and we have some great classes covering the concept of emotion in photography as well as portrait lighting setup ideas.

Remember to carefully consider your background and lighting when creating the images, and of course the expression of your model. You’ll find more information to help guide you and offer inspiration in the recommended classes below.


  • Please rename your image file using your first and last name (e.g. Karl Taylor.jpg).
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  • Please upload no more than one image.
  • Uploaded images should be 3000px on the longest side.
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Week 18 - Members' Gallery

Abhishek Anand
CA Eccles
Gordon Hanson
Guy Des Groseilliers photographe
Jay Ann Knox
Peter Vari
Sanket Khuntale
Stuart Benford
Tien Vo
Yon Ho Kim
Dan Sokolow
Doug Howell
Doug Mullis
Ed French
Franck Charlery-adele
Guy Des Groseilliers photographe
Guy Des Groseilliers photographe
Jack Pittman
Jay Ann Knox
Jerome Mitchener
Kaleb McCubbins
Kaleb McCubbins
Kamal Zaza
Krzysztof Szelegieniec
Maen Rabay
Mathew Hull
Robert Campbell
Stephan Andrew
Tito Vindetta
Win Ng
Declan O'Halloran
Faten Smith
Guy Des Groseilliers photographe
Jennifer L Porter
Jonathan Mark Hedrick
Kaleb McCubbins
Marijana Suvacarov
Pavel Zábranský
Petros Spyrou
Robert Campbell
Sharon Gabay
Alejandro Georgopoulos
Andrea De Giusti
Andy Greenwell
Brad In YYC Photos
Dave Booth
Debbie Sears
Harold Horsefall
Jaakko Kastari
Jason King
Jay Ann Knox
Mark Glancy
Mathew Hull
Paulo Álvares
Peter Vari
Tony Whittaker
David Palermo
Dirk Mampuys
Erik Van Den Biesen
Gregory Kollauf
Imanuel Fayn
Jayvone Paige
Kostas Pappas
Mario C
Michael Sundjata Johnson
Moelwyn Hopkins
Saša Huzjak
Tilo Riemer
Satoshi Mabuchi
Rikki Tsang
Paolo Ferraris
Jose Gomez
Jonathan Lewis
John Van Veen
Jan Wilkens
Giacomo Campagna
Erik Van Den Biesen
Dan Hone
Csaba Mihalka
Alessandro Gaddi
Pedram Nourazar
Mercedes D Gonzalez
Marcel Everts
Larry Moody
Hector Godinez
Elena Hofmeister
Dan Hone
Dan Doke


    1. Hi James, we don’t understand what you mean, all of the ‘moody portraits’ entered are at the bottom of the page. Links to classes that cover this topic are also on the page?

  1. Hi Ben , I’m just wondering if the new Weekly Challenge for Moody Portraits have been posted yet?
    Thanks Ben.


    1. Ben H (VE Team)

      Hi Greg, I just got them posted – thanks for checking. Yesterday was a public holiday here, hence the slight delay! Thanks for your patience.

  2. Hey there, my post in the FB group raised the topic about what is a portrait. A member stated that if eyes are not visible then it is not a portrait (even if the rest of the face is visible).
    So I would like to make a question to Karl: does a portrait require eyes and catchlight to be considered a portrait?

    1. Hi Kareas, that is an interesting question,

      Simply as information;


      Portraits in contemporary fine art photography style are intended for wall art. Artwork in the fine art portrait photography genre defines the subject’s emotion in a striking and unique style. Photographer has a way of showing his vision of the subject’s character through timeless portraits.

    2. Hi, Kareas I don’t see that a catchlight is necessary and I don’t see that eyes are essential either. Consider the situation of a blind person who may have lost their eyes in an accident or conflict. We can not say that that person does not have a personality or character that can’t be captured. A portrait is to portray someones character, personality and hopefully reveal something of who they are.

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