Photography Challenge - Week 28

8 July - 14 July

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This week's challenge is...

Portrait photography with shadows


If you’ve watched our live talk show with Sean Conboy, you’ll know that planning is an essential part of architectural photography (if you haven’t yet seen the show, we highly recommend watching it before trying this week’s challenge).

Sean talks about how he can spend weeks, even months, planning a shot, considering the best time of day to shoot, the angle and position of the sun, what time of year to shoot at, etc. Although you don’t have years, or even weeks for this challenge, the advice Sean shares gives incredible insight into how these ‘small’ details can make the world of difference.

Other great tips that Sean shared included: look for leading lines, consider your focal length, take your time before taking the shot, don’t be afraid to move items around when shooting interiors, and take control of your light by introducing studio flash.

The classes below offer further guidance, and you can also take a look at the winning images from our past 'Architecture' competition for further inspiration.


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