Photography Challenge - Week 3

15 January - 21 January

Are you looking for some photography ideas to test your skills and get your creativity flowing? We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to help inspire you. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Creative photo of an egg


From chocolate eggs to ostrich eggs, test your creativity and see what you can create this week. Remember, when shooting still life subjects such as this, lens choice is an important factor, as is the decision on what background and props to use. Think about the composition of your shot, what techniques could you use to guide the viewers eye? Colour is another factor that you could use this week. Experiment with different colour schemes to see what works — would a monochromatic scheme work? Or perhaps complimentary colours create more impact. The best thing with still life subjects such as this is that you don’t have to worry about your subject moving or changing form, so make sure to use your time to the fullest.

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, below are a few classes that you may find useful.


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Week 3 - Members' Gallery

Haitham Nokrashy Mats Kyrö Petr Skalka Rohan Nagwekar Aby Hamouda Alan Michael Hay Alecks Dimitrov Alex Štokelj Alexandru Stelian Tomuta Alfie Jones Photography Allison David ndy Weatherburn Anna Daverio Anton Serkin Assaf Ambram Bob Bradlee Bogdan Sima Brian Stricker Cacey McReavy Dan Chesny Daniel MT David Morgan Debbie Ritch Erik Malkemus rank Grygier Germaine Thurgood Giovanni Giovo Roveran Graham Gittins Greg Clancy Iain Robb Ian Knight Ilmars Ivara Dēls Jaakko Kastari Jean Van Der Meulen Jermaine Beckley Joel Charbonnet John Thompson Karen Hoinke Lee Hayes Lidija Hauck Liz Huberty Voltz Marçal Font Vila Marco Compiano Marcos Sander Fotógrafo Mark Rowe Maurizio Caravaggi Maxim Yakovlenko Natascha Verbij Nick Paschalis Pablo Valetti Paolo Mendoza Paul Smith Quentin Arrault Richard Randle Rob Cawston Rousos Ktistakis Scott David Burk Slavek Sekanina Stephane Lutier Stéphanie Renon Stephen Dauris Steve Molnar Steven Morales ullivan George Suren Lama Theeng Tarun Bhowmik Terence Murphy Tobias Jauck Travis Patenaude Uy Vatroslav Suvala Suki Fpv Vince Taroc West Maze Adam Swinswood Chenxi Ni Faten Smith Julieta Krischak Luiz Freire Marta Wójcicka Sand Wish Stefan Mercoli Vera Change Alan Longworth Andreea Rosca Andy Greenwell Aquilino Paparo CA Eccles Collins Matovu Doug Howell James Pastiche Japi Valadez Justyna Za Karen Werren Mansour Obaidi Martin Brand Murray Ostle Paulo Álvares Ron Hoeltge Shoji Kudaka Sebastian Radu Sandra Cakla Rob Toscano Pete Harper Michael Daily Kathy Araujo-White Jean Pierre De Rycke Jay Ann Knox Hussein Elyas Bino Georgi Lukov Faten Smith Doug Howell Dirk Mampuys Coco Berryessa Christina Van Aert Blake Kitson Alica Bjeli Steven Morales Steve Udell Scott Burk Sandeep Narayan Peter Minges Mogens Hermansen Keon Lessey Josh Reuck Joe Blecker Ionut Borbe Giedre Ilciukiene Giacomo Spampinato Chris D'Ambrosio Alekszandra Lloyd Aigars Bridins Adam Jones Dan Hone Elena Hofmeister Hanli Smit Hannu Mononen Joe Calleja Joseph Younes Juli Fair Tony Reynolds Stephen Hopkins Russell Robinson Mercedes D Gonzalez Martin Immanuel Villanueva Marcos Sander Kim Bainbridge Guillermo Antonio


  1. Hi Karl, I m new to this platform. I was having a look at the weekly challenge and was feeling doubtful about my skills. Not sure where to start from and how.

    1. Hi Aisha, don’t worry about your skills as our platform covers education from the very beginner level to the highest professional level of studio lighting and post production and it’s all covered step by step. Use our menu at the top and go to the essentials section, refresh all your knowledge with our Introduction course and then if you are interested in lighting move on to our ‘Lighting Theory’ section and so on. It’s a gradual process but it’s very easy to absorb on our platform.

  2. Thank you for these weekly challenges. They are fun! Look forward to listening to the comments every Tuesday. Lol

    1. Hi Bob – did you mean when is the live show / review session? Its on the Live Shows page – Tuesday 14 April 2020 at 15:00 BST/ 10:00 EST

    2. DavidMorgan

      Another step on the learning curve, thanks Karl, and some really good images to think about.

      Time to try and find the A game for week 4 methinks.

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