Photography Challenge - Week 33

12 August - 18 August

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This week's challenge is...

Beauty portrait image by Karl Taylor

Beauty Portraits

This week’s challenge is all about beauty, specifically beauty portraits. Beauty portraits are, traditionally, close up portraits, with the makeup and styling of these images varying from subtle, natural makeup to more bold, creative styles.

This week we’re looking forward to seeing how far you take your creativity — will you be daring with the makeup, or more subtle? What lighting will you use — hard, traditional lighting, or softer, more feminine lighting?

Retouching will also be an important consideration for this week. The harder lighting that is typically used for beauty photography will more than likely result in any blemish being highlighted, so some skin retouching will be required.

This week’s challenge provides a great opportunity to learn how to photograph beauty portraits (this type of photography, although more artistic, can also be used for commercial purposes), and practice your retouching skills too.

Below are a few classes that provide some creative ideas for beauty portraits and further inspiration.


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Week 33 - Members' Gallery

Alecks Dimitrov
Aby Hamouda
Alan Longworth
Andrew Paquette
Andrew Paquette
Andrew Paquette
Andy Greenwell
Andy Weatherburn
Aquilino Paparo
Ariel Hernandez
Barry Rufus
Caroline Reed Photography
Chris Bantham
Diane Ross
Dirk Valcke
Doug Howell
Franck Charlery-Adele
Franck Charlery-Adele
Franck Charlery-Adele
Ian Jacob Photography
Ian Jacob Photography
Ian Jacob Photography
Igal Ginzburg
Janosch Simon
Jonathan Mark Hedrick
Jules Holbeche Maund
Kevin Reuel David
Lee Hayes
Mark Glancy
Narek Mtazbax
Narek Mtazbax
Narek Mtazbax
Narek Mtazbax
Narek Mtazbax
Narek Mtazbax
Philipp Oberhuber
Pierre Nli
Raffaele Lel Sorbi
Ross Taylor
Stephen Dauris
Thierry Passeron
Tony Whittaker
Tony Whittaker
Aby Hamouda
Adrian De Klerk
Andreea Rosca
Anthony Knight
Antonio Martez
Antonio Martez
Antonio Martez
Brave Nguyen
Chrystal Starr
Colin Halford
Dominik Probst Fotografie
Japi Valadez
Jay Ann Knox
Jennifer Chen
Jérémie Rousseau
Jo Perez photography
Julian A Renner
Kaizer Allu
Kenji Kanai
Kiem Bao Lam
Krzysztof Szelegieniec
Lorrie Pearson
Magdalena Szewczyk
Marco Englezakis
Maurizio Caravaggi
Michael Muehlemann
Nico Ohtop
Peter Vari
Petros Spyrou
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell
Sanket Khuntale
Stefan Krofft
Tien Vo
Vladimir Plavac
Antonio Martez
Antonio Martez
Martin Králík
Colin Halford
Doug Mullis
Holger Nesselberger
Martin Brand
Paul Bocking
Paul Bocking
Shoji Kudaka
Chris Joubert
Jerome Agboton
Erik Van Den Biesen
Murali Narayanan
Julian Renner
Michael Johnson
Kashish Kaushik
Dan Doke
Joerg Siemers
Vangelis Gouvelis
Yuliya Ivanenko
Tilo Riemer
Rahul Sikdar
Mercedes D Gonzalez
Marijana Suvacarov
John Van Veen
Dan Hone
Cristina Ene
Colin Halford


  1. I loved the videos you have on youtube and your site. Love the lookbook with the fellow photographer shooting a clothing line and bag. Kudos to your team for excellent video.

  2. Ha-ha, I never thought that being good at jumping is a prerequisite that makes for a good candidate for a model. I guess, you, Karl, know something that I don’t. As a matter of fact it “looks like” you know quite a few things that I don’t.
    That’s why I signed up with your website.

    Best regards

  3. Oh, Karl! Where do you find your models? You realize that having made this portrait (Week 33, Photography challenge as displayed in your email notification) you are destined to go on ever unchallenged, don’t you? I mean looking at this beauty…and the way you’ve made her look even more beautiful…I just give up. That’s all.

    Best regards

    1. Ha Ha, I’m quite picky with my models but I’ll eventually find a selection that I like to work with. That lovely lady is now based in Dubai I believe, I haven’t seen her for years. I’ve just started working with a new one who has great potential and is good at jumping – check out my last two instagram posts!

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