Photography Challenge - Week 4

22 January - 28 January

Are you looking for some photography ideas to test your skills and get your creativity flowing? We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to help inspire you. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Creative photo of an egg


This week we’re challenging you to take a closer look at something we all have laying around the house — stationery. Macro photography is a great way to get creative as it enables us to look at and see the ordinary in extraordinary ways. Be it a macro shot of highlighters or a creative arrangement paper, think outside the box to see what you can come up with this week. A few key points to keep in mind are: think about colour and how you can incorporate this; consider composition and how you can use this to your advantage; and be mindful of your background and how this compliments your shot. There’s no limit to what you can create — as long as it classifies as macro photography.

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, below are a few classes that you may find useful.


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Week 4 - Members' Gallery

Alex Štokelj Gavin Bowyer Germaine Thurgood Kevin Wildish Mark Rowe Mays Kyrö Terence Murphy Abhirama Kanekar Alan Michel Hay Alecks Dimitrov Alecks Dimitrov Alfie Jones Photography Andrey Petrov Andy Weatherburn Anna Daverio Anna Daverio Ashish Audaniya Fotography Brian Stricker Christopher Moore Clint Johnson Dan Chesny David Morgan Debbie Ritch Filip Roland Vilt Frank Grygier Fiovanni Giovo Roveran Graham Gittins Hamed Daneshkhah Haytham Al Nokrashy Iain Robb Ian Knight Jean van der Meulen Joel Charbonnet John Thompson Jonas Wångström Karen Hoinke Kyle Donnachie Lee Hayes Lidija Hauck Marçal Font Villa Mark Michael Herzog‎ Paolo Mendoza Paul Smith Paul Petr Skalka Pierre Bernier Richard Randle Rob Cawston Robin Maguire Scott Steinweiss Stephane Lutier Stuart Anderson Stuart Opie Sullivan George Tarun Bhowmik Teve Molnar Val Hardy Vatroslav Suvala Suki Fpv Vince Taroc 贾皓喆‎ Ammar Khalaf Andreea Rosca Doug Howell James Pastiche Paul Sokal Paulo Álvares Sarah Sahebgharani Doug Howell Hani Omar Hannu Mononen Jordan McLachlan Jules Holbeche Maund Justyna Za Luiz Freire Mansour Obaidi Murray Ostle Ramrudra Podipireddy Roman Chilikin Silviu Lazar Slawo Maric Stefan Mercoli Tommy Daulas Simon Gimpel Shoji Kudaka Sandra Čaklā Sam Jamison Robert Adcock Michael Daily Luiz Freire James Galland Jackie Mclaughlin-Martin Gennaro Lettieri Evert Theron Doug Howell Carol Mclean Blackbird Studio Tobia Scapin Robert Harper Remi Grizard Philippe Jully Mogens Hermansen Joseph Michael McGahan Joe Blecker Ilmars Grikis Faten Smith Alekszandra Lloyd Adrian Penes Carey Crays Elena Hofmeister Faten Smith George Simpkins Guillermo Antonio Hannu Mononen Ivan Boden Juli Fair Marcos Sander Stephen Hopkins Vanja Simunko Mercedes D Gonzalez


  1. I really value your feedback as it helps me to see things I missed and clarify my thinking/approach in my work. For the most part I think your comments are on point and very well put.

    I’m going to sorely miss future critiques on these weekly challenges. I think it’s a big mistake to stop them. They are one of the best ways to learn that you offer on your platform.

    Please reconsider your decision to stop these critiques.

    1. Hi Christopher, thanks for your feedback. The critiques are valuable but they are also very time consuming and quite tiring to undertake every week, they were also starting to run towards 2 hours on each event. We also have a large proportion of our membership that are professional photographers that are not looking for critiques on their work and there preference is for top level information from other pros (as with our increased guest shows) as well as a selection of other live shows on websites, business, post-produciton and shooting. As such and to accommodate this we are unable to continue with weekly critiques although the challenges will continue weekly. My plan however is still to try and find additional time to do critique overviews from a selection of images from the challenges and I will try to fit this into the schedule.

  2. Thank karl sir for the complements on my picture and special thanks to you for given a feedback on every single pictures. karltaylore education is one of the best platform to improve photography skills.

    1. Karl,

      If the consensus is truly to stop… then stop. I find it hard to believe that – even with a large number of professional members that there is not more interest in hearing your critiques. I’m fully aware of the importance of “baiting the hook to suit the fish” and establishing priorities that are in line with the wishes of your audience. It just seems to me that there must be more interest in your critiques then you realize. I know that in my case, as a professional myself, I regard professional feedback extremely valuable. Please take my feedback for what it’s worth.

      In any event, thank you very much for going the extra mile (especially in these trying times – which prompted the weekly challenges in the first place) and please stay strong, healthy and safe.

      — Chris Moore

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