Photography Challenge - Week 6

5 February - 11 February

Photography challenges are a great way to develop your photography skills, learn new techniques and test your creativity. If you're looking for ideas and inspiration, we’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges! You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Photographs of glass


Wine glasses, vases, ornaments or even readings glasses… Chances are you have at least some sort of glass laying around the house.

This week’s challenge will test your creativity, as well as your control of light. Glass can be a tricky subject to photograph, especially if you choose to photograph something clear. However, with this challenge comes a host of opportunity too. Before you start think carefully about the shot you want to create and consider your lighting, lens choice, colours, background and props.

Below are a few useful links that you may want to refer to to help you for ideas and inspiration.


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Week 6 - Members' Gallery

Steven Morales Alan Longworth Alecks Dimitrov An Knight Anna Zazdracnaya Anton Serkin Ashish Audaniya Fotography Barry Rufus Bloopoint Christopher Moore Dan Chesny Daniel MT Daniel MT Daniel Reoch Danny Golan David Morgan Dávid Nemes Dimitri Gathy Dimitri Gathy Douglas Dutton Filianna Karamanli Germaine Thurgood Gerry Duran Greg Clancy Hamed Daneshkhah Jess Moore John Thompson Jonas Wångström Jorge Silva Juan José Pérez Karen Hoinke László Kupi Marcos Sander Fotógrafo Michael Cothran Mikael Johansson MRfotostudio Nick Paschalis Paul Smith Paul Smith Quentin Arrault Ramadeep Virk Richard Randle Ritsnrazz Photography Sergey Vorobyov Slavek Sekanina Stéphanie Renon Steve Molnar Stuart Anderson Taryn Bhomwik Tarun Bhowmik Tarvo Tiivits Vatroslav Suvala Suki Fpv Vitalina Rybakova Jo Perez photography Romain Daniel Productions Stefan Mercoli Vatroslav Suvala Suki Fpv Cecile Riviere Doug Howell Frank Rupprecht Fotografie James Pastiche Justyna Za Nicolajsen fotografi and film Pete Harper Raina Roark Rob Toscano Robert Campbell Roman Chilikin Slim Zrelli Vatroslav Suvala Suki Fpv Victor Pollak Murray Ostle T Venu Gopal بن محمد Abhishek Anand Miles Espadon Rob Toscano Jackie McLaughlin-Martin Fadi Sahouri Simon Gimpel K S L Photography Zbignev Safranovic Aquilino Paparo Michael Daily Dirk Mampuys Slim Zrelli Immanuel Fayn Julian A Renner Doug Howell Lee Hayes Sandra Cakla Wolfram Segond Von Banchet Steve Udell Russell Robinson Roland Aemisegger Leeanne Mason Julian Renner Joseph Michael McGahan Jolanta Sejfried Joe Blecker Jerry Levy Jan Wilkens Hannu Mononen Gregor Ravnjak Daniel Honegger Anthony Arnold Dan Hone Elena Hofmeister Faten Smith Guillermo Antonio Juli Fair Martin Immanuel Villanueva Martina Tomis Mercedes D Gonzalez Sanna Lange Stephen Hopkins Tony Healy Vedrana Orlovic


  1. Hi. I am fairly new to KTE, wondered, how does one get their images in the weekly challenges? 🙂 or is there only a select few that get to go into the “album”

    1. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for being part of the platform. Anyone who is a member can enter the weekly challenges, briefs or competitions. There is usually an entry form on the particular blog page about each challenge, if you can’t find it please click on customer support in your home page and they will direct you. All the best Karl.

  2. Hello everybody ! Will Karl continue the reviews of the weekly challenges ? Have a good ay all.

    1. Hello Stef. Karl here, no not at the moment as we are very busy working on new content and the current live show line up. but I will be talking about some of the ‘Glass’ challenge shots briefly on todays live show and I will be throwing in a couple of extra live shows with further challenge critiques in the near future.

  3. Some brilliant images again, I have to say these challenges are a great distraction with a chance to try something new.

  4. Hi guys,
    I cant post on fb at the moment can I subnit an entry to the weekly challenge through the web site or instagram?


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