Photography Challenge - Week 8

19 February - 25 February

Are you looking for some photography ideas to test your skills and get your creativity flowing? We’ve got 52 weeks of photography challenges to help inspire you. You can view the full list of challenges here.

This week's challenge is...

Shoe photography example


From wayward shoelaces to different surface textures, there are a few challenges you can expect to face for this week’s challenge. As always though, the key thing to keep in mind is the light. What mood do you want to create? What type of light will best show the material of the shoe? What are the key features that need to be lit? When you break it all down and think about the shot, you’ll see that creating a good image of a shoe suddenly doesn’t seem so impossible. There’s plenty of ways you can get creative too! Try different backgrounds, experiment with long exposures and light painting (as we did in our live footwear photoshoot) or even try a more ‘lifestyle’ approach.

If you’ve never photographed shoes or footwear before, the classes below provide a few different setups and ideas, as well as include a number of tips that you may find useful.


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Week 8 - Members' Gallery

Ryan Enrico Tarun Bhowmik Andrew Parker Andy Greenwell Aquilino Paparo Barry Rufus David Morgan Dhayaalan Vr Giovanni Giovo Roveran Ian Knight Ilmars Ivara Dēls Ilya Strakhov An image of a shoe by Jonas Wångström Karen Hoinke Lidija Hauck Luis Erazo Studio Natarajan Ramasubramanian Paul Kato Paul Smith Ramandeep Virk Richard Randle Sebastian Reinhardt Tarun Bhowmik arun Bhowmik Tarun Bhowmik Thuan Ton Travis Patenaude Vatroslav Suvala Suki Fpv West Maze Abhishek Anand Andrea Rosca Ann Oversteyns Daniel Zevallos Doug Howell Emiliano Pane Fedor Dubiley Ilya Strakhov James Pastiche Jo Perez Photography Marie Chakmichyan Michail Musatov Raffaele Lele Sorbi Raffaele Lele Sorbi Rob Hoeltge Tony Reynolds Andreea Rosca Andy Greenwell CA Eccles Chris Mathisen Doug Howell Doug Howell Emiliano Pane Felix Hemsley Japi Valadez Luiz Freire Marie Chakmichyan Melih Üçer Remko Modderkolk Remko Modderkolk Remko Modderkolk Roman Chilikin Sanket Patil Shoji Kudaka Stefan Mercoli 森豊 Aaron McAuley Alexandra Lilith Aquilino Paparo Colin Davis Dirk Mampuys Doug Howell Erik Van den Biesen Erik Van den Biesenn Henrik Sørensen Imanuel Fayn Ivo Pogorelčnik Jennie Barton Michael Byrne Paul Smith Pedro Messias Ramune Kalvinskaite Samuel Bourget Saša Huzjak Silvio Luis Richetto Steven Sarboro Daniel Santos Darren Huang David Goldberg Dusan Cupa Giedre Ilciukiene Imanuel Fayn Jorge Reyes Kurt Hossfeld Marco Rohun Nigel Glasgow Robert Harper Scott Steinweiss Snehaa Sundaram Vaclav Rus Waqas Tariq Elena Hofmeister Florian Lazar Guillermo Antonio Hector Godinez Juli Fair Kim Bainbridge Koen Vandecraen Larry Moody Vanja Simunko Martin Villanueva Mercedes D Gonzalez


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