Working to a Brief 7: Milk-Splash Photography

For our seventh ‘Working to a Brief’ assignment, Karl is tasking you with creating a perfect milk-splash shot.

Although the deadline for the submissions are now closed and we are no longer accepting entries,  you are welcome to still take part in it and tag us in your results! 

You’ll find all the details you need to complete the brief below, as well as in the accompanying live show. We highly recommend watching this live show (or replay) as it may feature additional useful information and advice! No further guidelines will be provided.


Working to a Brief — Assignment 7 LAUNCH

Thursday 11th November 2021 - 15:00 GMT / 10:00 EST

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Produce an image of milk being poured into an unseen receptacle and creating a splash at the surface.


To produce a wholesome milk-splash image evoking a sense of natural goodness, cleanliness, health and wellbeing. To ensure the image shows only milk and nothing else, creating a mood of purity and simplicity.

Annotated brief sketch

© Visual Education

'Art Directors'' visual


All you need is milk – or any other liquid that can imitate milk's smooth creamy whiteness. It really is that simple!

Image layout

The sketch above illustrates the desired composition and layout for the image.

The milk should pour into the shot from the top of frame, just right of centre. It should make contact with the pooled milk at the centre of the frame.

The ratio of the shot should be 4:5.


The mood of the image should be fresh, clean and wholesome.

The mood images below provide good examples from which you can take inspiration.

Flat-lay food photography example mood image

Stock image examples

Flat-lay food photography example mood image
© Karl Taylor



The lighting should be soft and diffused.

Annotated brief sketch
© Visual Education

'Art Directors'' Sketch

Brief summary

  • Milk, or a white liquid to imitate milk
  • Ratio 4:5
  • Milk pouring in from top of frame (just right of centre) and splashing into pooled milk at centre of frame
  • Soft shadows

This brief is for example purposes only. This is not a professional commercial brief and all requirements are purely for educational purposes.

Please note all images will remain copyright to the original photographer, but Visual Education reserves the right to publish them within its website and on social media.

Submit Your Image

The deadline for entry is 13:00 GMT / 08:00 EST on Wednesday 2nd February 2022. These submissions will be reviewed by Karl in a follow-up show on 9th February.

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