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If only this photography calculator had been around when I started out as a professional - it's a quick guide to assessing your photography business. Knowing the cost of running your photography business is vital when deciding what to charge for your creative services.

Having operated a successful business for over 25 years, I’ve realized there are a few critical requirements for maintaining and growing a profitable business. However, when starting a photography business, it’s easy to get caught up and find yourself running around in circles in an attempt to keep on top of things. One of these things is often pricing.

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Determining what to charge for your photography can, at first, seem quite confusing. But once you understand how to work it all out, you’ll come to see it’s actually quite logical.

It may seem obvious, but you first need to ask yourself: ‘How many hours do you need to charge for your photography (each week)?’ This is where my photography pricing calculator can help guide you.

If like me, you’d like to spend more time shooting and less time doing the maths, here’s a useful tool to help you keep track of the hours that need to be billed each week. Knowing this will really help you stay on track and adapt as your business grows.

What do I charge for my photography?

Knowing how much to charge for photography is just one of the hurdles you’ll have to overcome if you want to make it, but it can be challenging so I’ve outlined some important points to help guide you. What photographers charge... 

Drag the photography pricing calculator sliders below to get your results

The pricing calculator below offers a simple way to total your monthly costs. Based on the hourly rate inputted, it calculates, how many hours you’ll need to work per week to cover your expenses. Once you’ve inputted your monthly expenditure, your results are shown at the bottom.

Pricing calculator

Total costs & weekly billable hours

Click the 'next' button for a summary of your expenses. Discover how many hours you'll need to aim at billing each week to cover these costs.

Pricing your photography is covered in much more depth in our Business section, where you’ll find in-depth classes on how to run a successful photography business, along with advice on how to market your business, grow your studio and develop important skills to maximise your success.

These results give an indication of how many chargeable hours you need to work each week to cover your monthly expenses.

Once you’ve calculated this, depending on the size of the job, you may also want to think about adding usage fees for some of your images. To learn more about this, you’ll need to watch our business course class ‘Business Skills’.

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  1. Karl,
    Watched your video on pricing your work and this calculator helped me see the light. Looking at billable hours vs getting x amount of clients in the door makes so much more sense to me and does not feel as overwhelming. Now I can look at the types of photography I offer, price it accordingly and bust my butt getting the right clients. Thanks. So far joining KTE has been one of the best investments I have made in my photography business journey.


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