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We're launching an exciting new certification program here on Visual Education: LEVELS. Want to deepen your learning experience and earn proof of your expertise? Get certified with LEVELS.

For photographers and visual artists, an impressive portfolio has always been essential. But in today’s crowded marketplace, you also need credentials. And LEVELS is the perfect way to get them.

Read on to find out more, or go to the LEVELS homepage.

What is LEVELS?

LEVELS is a certification program that lets you deepen, test and certify your visual arts knowledge and expertise. It’s a structured, straightforward system made up of carefully curated classes and tests.
Lighting Fundamentals
Working With Light
Recording Light in the Camera

Why should I get certified with LEVELS?

To prove you know what you’re doing

If you want to succeed as a visual artist, you need to stand out from the competition. With so many photographers, CGI artists and filmmakers out there, how can you convince potential clients or employers to hire you?

Earning certificates and diplomas from Visual Education is a simple and affordable way to get the credentials you need to validate your skills and expertise.

To challenge yourself

Watching classes on Visual Education has always been a great way to learn. Now you can put your knowledge to the test, challenging yourself to take your learning to the highest level.

To boost your knowledge

The best visual artists never stop learning, even when they’ve reached the top of their field. There are always more skills to master, more concepts to understand, more equipment to get to grips with, more techniques to apply.

With LEVELS, no matter how much you already know, you’re bound to learn something new. And of course, knowledge is power!

To enhance your learning experience

Countless studies have shown that being tested on information right after you absorb it is the best way to make your new knowledge stick. By answering the questions in the carefully curated tests that follow each class, you’ll optimise your educational experience and turbo-charge your expertise.

To benefit from structured learning

We’re proud to offer more than 750 classes on Visual Education, covering all aspects of lighting, photography, CGI, filmmaking, business and more. Our members enjoy watching whatever class they want, in any order they want. But we also recognise the benefits of structured learning.

With LEVELS, we’ve selected the most essential classes and arranged them in the optimal sequence. This enables you to accumulate knowledge in the right order, at the right pace.

To have fun!

Who doesn’t love a quiz? You’ll need to focus to get the most out of LEVELS, but we’ve also designed our certification program to be as enjoyable as possible. Try it yourself to find out!


How does it work?

It’s simple: Watch the classes. Answer the questions. Finish a level to collect a certificate. Complete a course to earn a diploma. All at your own pace!

Each level contains a selection of classes. After you watch each class, you’ll answer a series of multiple-choice questions about what you just learned. Pass the quiz (60% correct or higher) to move on to the next class. Pass all the quizzes to finish the level and earn a certificate. Finish all the levels to complete the course and earn a diploma.

The classes contain all the information you need to answer the questions correctly. Watch closely, take notes, and watch again if you feel you haven’t fully understood.

It’s important that you acquire this knowledge in the correct order. That’s why you must watch each class video right to the end to unlock the associated test, and why you can’t move on to the next class until you have completed the one before.

You’ll start at the beginning with the Lighting Masterclass course and be guided forward through your learning journey. When you complete a course, Karl will review your progress and issue your diploma.

What is the Lighting Masterclass course?

Lighting Masterclass has three levels, each containing 10 classes and tests:

  1. Lighting Fundamentals
  2. Working With Light
  3. Recording Light in the Camera

This course is designed to teach and test you on the fundamentals of lighting. It covers the theory, application, art, science and emotional impact of light, equipping you with the knowledge you need to acquire before you can succeed in photography, filmmaking, or 3D CGI.


What will I get?

Each time you complete a level, you’ll receive a certificate displaying your score.

When you complete all the levels in a course, you’ll receive a diploma reflecting your overall performance.

Each new course we add to the program will comprise a new set of levels, giving you the chance to earn new certificates PLUS a new diploma for each course.

Can I complete the levels at my own pace?

Yes! In fact, we recommend taking your time and making sure you absorb as much knowledge as you can in order to maximise your scores. You can step away from the program whenever you need to and pick it right back up later, exactly where you left off.

What other certification courses will I be able to take?

We’re launching LEVELS with the first course: Lighting Masterclass. But we plan to roll out other courses in the coming months. Stay tuned!

When can I start?

You can start today! LEVELS is open to all current Visual Education subscribers, so log in or sign up, and then...

Get certified with LEVELS.

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