Working to a Brief 13: Floating Glasses

For our thirteenth Working to a Brief assignment, we're tasking you with creating a stylish floating glasses shot using photography or CGI.

The deadline for this brief is 28th May 2023.

You’ll find all the details you need to complete the brief below, as well as in the accompanying live show. We highly recommend watching this show (live or as a replay) as it may feature additional useful information and advice! No further guidelines will be provided.

Karl has shot glasses for some of the world’s top brands, including Hilfiger, Armani, Lagerfeld, Diesel, Red or Dead, Boss and many more. As such, he is likely to be particularly demanding in his role as art director for this brief!

Based on his own experience, Karl estimates 2-4 hours of shooting/problem-solving time, followed by 2-3 hours of precise retouching to ensure no dust or scratches are visible on the product and that the colour and contrast is correct.

Working to a Brief 13 LAUNCH

Thursday 23rd March (15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT)

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Working to a Brief 13 REVIEW

Thursday 15th June (15:00 BST / 10:00 EDT)

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Produce a high-end product image of a pair of glasses floating against a light grey background.


The image will showcase the glasses for potential customers, making the product look luxurious, stylish and desirable.


© Visual Education

Art Director's visual


One pair of glasses (or sunglasses).


The sketch above illustrates a suggested composition and layout for the image. However, you are free to compose your image in whatever way you believe best suits your subject.

It will be important to position the glasses (including the arms) carefully to showcase their particular style, shape, texture and so on. It will be up to you as the photographer to decide how to go about achieving this.

Crop is at the artist's discretion.


The mood should be sophisticated and luxurious.

The images below provide examples from which you can take inspiration.


Mood 1

Whisky photography

Mood 2


The lighting should make the glasses look and feel luxurious.

Mood 3


Mood 4


The background of the image should be approximately 10% grey, and no darker than 20% grey.

In terms of focus, the glasses must be pin-sharp from front to back.

Annotated brief sketch

© Visual Education

Brief summary

  • One pair of glasses (or sunglasses) floating in front of a light grey background
  • Glasses should have lenses, or the appearance of lenses
  • Lighting should make glasses look and feel luxurious
  • Composition and crop at artist's discretion
  • Focus should be pin-sharp across all of the glasses
  • Post-production should ensure glasses look flawless, with no visible dust or scratches
  • CGI accepted – please note your choice of medium in the entry form

    This brief is for example purposes only. This is not a professional commercial brief and all requirements are purely for educational purposes.

    Please note all images will remain copyright to the original photographer, but Visual Education reserves the right to publish them within its website and on social media.

    Submit Your Image

    The deadline for entry is 28th May 2023. Karl will review all submissions in a follow-up live show on 15th June.

    Submissions are now closed. Check out all the images in the Working to a Brief 13: Members' Gallery.

    © Visual Education. All rights reserved. No content on this page may be used or shared by third parties.

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