Who We Are

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Visual Education is an award-winning online education platform dedicated to helping visual artists from around the world expand their knowledge and enhance their skills.

We are committed to providing the very best education in the concepts, techniques and tools you need to succeed in the visual arts.

16 Years

We founded our company in 2007 to provide the best photography training courses


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Our Pedigree

Unlike many of our competitors, we prioritise experience and provenance in our instruction. Our highly selective pool of instructors is made up of seasoned professionals with a proven track record in their field of expertise, with a clear ability to present crucial information in the most effective and absorbing way.

Our classes are designed to help you succeed, delivering the right knowledge at the right pace, in the right order.


Our Customer Care

We’ve designed our platform to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. But if you ever need guidance or support of any kind, we are here to help.

By email, phone or live chat, we’ll respond to your queries as quickly as we can. You can even post questions for our instructors in the comments sections under our classes, and can usually expect an answer within 24 hours.


Our Commitment to Value For Money

We want to help as many visual artists as we can. That’s why we keep our prices as low as possible.

Ready to try Visual Education? You’ll pay just $19/month on our Monthly Plan. Even better, you can cancel whenever you like – no penalties or cancellation fees. For the very best value, choose our Annual Plan and pay just $14/month (paid annually).

Whichever plan you choose, you get full access to everything on our platform – 900+ classes, regular live workshops, critiques, competitions, projects, certification, and more PLUS two new classes and two new live workshops every month – and sometimes even more.


Who Visual Education Is For

Our platform is designed for all visual artists – including you! Whether you’re just getting started or deep into a professional career, you’ll find a vast amount of useful information and instruction to help you improve.

The world of digital media has changed significantly over the last decade. Gone are the days of being ‘just’ a photographer. To really thrive, the visual artists of today – and tomorrow – need expertise and experience in all aspects of visual media, including video, CGI, post-production, and more.

At Visual Education, we continue to broaden and deepen the range of courses we offer to serve the diverse needs of our subscribers.


Our History

Visual Education started back in 2006 as the brainchild of renowned photographer and filmmaker Karl Taylor. After he teamed up with design, technology and marketing experts Tim Gaudion and Jon Bairds, Karl Taylor Masterclass was officially born, with our first DVDs hitting stores in 2008. 

We grew quickly, adding more genres and more expertise, all with the goal of delivering the most effective and entertaining training for visual artists. By 2018, Karl Taylor Masterclass had become Karl Taylor Education. This saw us moving away from physical media and transitioning to a subscription-based streaming platform, giving our members access to many thousands of dollars of content for a low monthly price.

In 2023, as we continued to expand the range of visual-art genres and contributing experts featured on our platform, we renamed it Visual Education and launched a bold new brand identity to reflect our commitment to delivering effective and entertaining online education across all aspects of the visual arts.

Our company remains guided by its three founding partners, with Karl still serving as CEO and lead instructor. But we now also call on the expertise of other carefully chosen visual artists and instructors who help us to keep delivering world-class online education for visual artists, today and well into the future.

Karl Taylor photography history montage

Our Brand Identity

Our Visual Education logo is inspired by that simplest of visual learning tools, the shape sorter. By playing with shape sorters, children develop their earliest awareness of colour, form and space – fundamental elements of visual art.

Our logo uses the circle and triangle shapes to depict the letters V and E for Visual Education, with the V also resembling a video ‘Play’ button.

The logo represents our commitment to teaching all aspects of the visual arts, from the fundamental tools and essential principles to the most complex concepts and advanced techniques. Meanwhile, our gradient colour scheme acknowledges the science and art of colour, light, contrast and motion essential to all forms of visual art.

Visual Education Logo Marque

Our Values

Our commitment to sustainable business practices is summed up in our recycling, low-waste and low energy-use policies. Team wellbeing and work-life balance are a crucial part of what we do. Many of our images and concepts are created to provoke ideas and awareness of important societal and environmental issues. We contribute to a range of charitable causes, both as individuals and as a company.